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Past Awards

ISAZ Waltham Collaborative Research Award

The ISAZ-Waltham Collaborative Research Award was established as a collaborative grant program to stimulate new research in the area of human-animal interactions.

Applications are not being received at this time.

Past application materials:

2016 ISAZ-WALTHAM Award Overview
2016 ISAZ-WALTHAM Award Application

Meet our Collaborative Research Award Winners!


Dr. Cheryl Krause-Parello
"Military Veterans and Shelter Dogs: One Rescue at a Time"


Drs. Sandy Branson and Lisa Boss
"Behavioral Profiles of Attachment to Cats in Community Dwelling Elderly"


Drs. Daniel Mills and Sara Ellis
"The Influence of Dog Ownership on Objective Measures of Free-Living Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior in Community-Dwelling Older Adults"


Drs. Linda Lord and Larry Hill
"The Effect of Adopting a Shelter Cat on Loneliness, Depression and Perceived Physical Health of the Elderly"


Dr. Erika Friedmann
"Pet Assisted Living (PAL) Study"


Dr. Rebecca Johnson
"Seniors Fostering Shelter Dogs: Improving Health and Well-Being Together"

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