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Student Awards

Martha Bryant Student Travel Award

The Martha Bryant Student Travel Award was established in 2016 in memory of Martha (Marty) Bryant. Marty Bryant was our ISAZ beloved office manager, and was involved in most organizational processes, and dear friend for many years. She passed away days before our 2016 annual conference after a severe stroke. She is fondly remembered for her kindness, patience, and understanding. Students were particularly dear to Marty and in her honor, ISAZ established the Martha Bryant Memorial Student Travel Fund.

Nominations are now closed.

Criteria for Martha Bryant Student Travel Award:

  1. Students must be current ISAZ student members.
  2. Preference will be given to students who have not received a previous award from ISAZ.
  3. Students must be the presenting author on an ISAZ conference abstract submission.

As this is a merit award, recipients will be selected based on extent the quality of their abstracts.

*Award winners are only eligible to win one award per conference. If an individual is selected to win an award and has applied for more than one award, they will be removed from the application pool for all other awards.

Award announced at the end of the conference.

Please visit the Awards Overview page for a complete list of awards, values, and deadlines.

Please direct questions to

Meet our Bryant Student Award Winners!



Rebecca Madrid
University of Exeter, UK
"Lumber Layoffs & Ecocentric Solutions: Investigating Affective and Educational Outcomes of Elephant Encounter Facilities"


Erin King
Tufts University, USA
"Inequities in Access to Veterinary Care"


Jennifer Applebaum
University of Florida, USA
"Emotional Reliance on Pets: Effects of Mental Health Stigma, Mental Illness Diagnosis, and Consideration of Relationship Quality Amongst a National Sample of U.S. Pet Owners"

Angela Matijczak
Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
"Minority Stress, Human-Animal Interaction, and Resilience in LGBTQ+ Young Adults: Testing a Mediation Model"


Danielle M. Brown
Canisius College, USA
"Examining the Relationship and Perceived Bonds Between North American Falconers and Their Working Raptors"

Kerri Rodriguez
Purdue University, USA
"The Effects Of Assistance Dogs On Psychosocial Health and Wellbeing: A Systematic Literature Review"


Megan LaFollette
Purdue University, USA
"PTSD service dogs: associations between training techniques, service dog behaviours, and human–animal bond"

Taryn Graham
University of Calgary, Canada
"Searching, settling, and staying put: rental housing in the (dis)placing of dog owners"