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The designation of Fellow honors ISAZ Individual Members whose work advances the field of Anthrozoology by enriching understanding of critical issues, addressing familiar problems or identifying a problem that has not been previously recognized, and serving the Society.

Interested in Becoming a Fellow?

Individual ISAZ Members are eligible to be nominated for Fellow designation if they follow the nomination procedure and meet the below criteria.

2024 Nominations are Closed

Criteria for Fellows

  1. Scholars within the broad field of human-animal interaction with a deep understanding of their chosen subject area;
  2. Scholars with a distinguished record of academic accomplishment (publications and conference presentations);
  3. Scholars who have furthered the field by serving on organizations, committees, international councils, and performed special roles/held responsibilities (e.g., editorial boards, councils, task forces) and other forms of outreach for the enhancement of the filed;
  4. Scholars with demonstrated leadership skills (e.g., changes in policy in the field related to an issue/area);
  5. Scholars possessing international reputations in Anthrozoology;
  6. Scholars with continuous individual membership in ISAZ for at least the past 4 years (Corporate, student, and affiliate members of ISAZ are not eligible).

Nomination Procedure

Nominations must come from 2 ISAZ Individual Members - these individuals cannot be existing Fellows. Nominators may support a maximum of 2 nominees per year. Self-nomination is not permitted.

A maximum of 2 Fellows may be elected this year.

Nomination must be submitted as a single PDF file including the following materials:

  1. A statement of the contributions of the individual to the field of anthrozoology and their significance as related to the criteria listed above;
  2. A statement by the nominee indicating willingness to become a Fellow and, if elected, maintain ISAZ membership, and stated understanding that failure to do so will result in termination of the honor;
  3. Letters of support from the two nominators;
  4. Curriculum vitae;
  5. List of 10 most significant publications.

A committee consisting of the existing Fellows of the Society will review and vote on the nominations. Fellows are inducted at the ISAZ Annual Conferences.

Fellows have no specific responsibilities, obligations, or term limits.

Elected Fellows may be invited to:

  • Serve as reviewers for conference abstracts;
  • Introduce the Fellows Lecture during ISAZ conferences;
  • Attend the “Meet the Fellows” and/or social get-togethers during ISAZ conferences;
  • Host and/or participate in conferences of scholarly presentations;
  • Engage in opportunities as they arise.

Fellowship is expected to encourage senior scholars in the field to continue participating in the field, attend ISAZ conferences regularly, provide mentorship and advice to junior members, acquire lifetime membership in the society, and provide gifts and/or set up a bequest for the Society.

The complete ISAZ policy is available on request.

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